Anonymous said: Hey, I see you post about Asheville a lot. What restaurants do you recommend?

Doc Chey’s was my favorite. I took lots of visitors to Pack’s Tavern because it has good standard fare—get their collards! Go to Tastee Diner in West Asheville for cheap Southern food—it’s mostly locals there. Old Europe is a cozy bakery/cafe, great for dates. For coffee, the only place I will 100% recommend is Waking Life Espresso in West Asheville! And of course there’s the highly touted places like Early Girl Eatery, Tupelo Honey Cafe, 12 Bones, Nine Mile, The Hop for ice cream, etc. There are so many other places that I’m sure are great, I just never got around to them because I don’t eat out that often and I was only there for a year.

thehobbitshavethephonebox asked:
While we’re talking about Asheville: Mela on Lexington Ave is fantastic. It’s been voted best Indian food in Western NC for 5 years now or something like that. And for afters, you can pop down the street to Dobra Tea.

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